[ ih-volv ] verb, defined as: A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

This definition applies to Swan Pilates, and its owner, Susan Swan. Susan transitioned her multi-decade career as a Registered Nurse to Pilates studio owner. If you ask her, she will emphatically affirm her years as a nurse, made her a “better form”, that of businesswoman, community leader, Pilates Teacher.

Swan Pilates is evolving as it honors the remarkable work of Joseph and his wife, Clara, Pilates. To this end we have upgraded our Pilates machines with the full complement of BASI Systems F2 equipment. BASI, Body Arts and Science International, is renowned for its innovative, precise, Pilates education and equipment; allowing Swan Pilates to be “better” for its Teachers and Clients.

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