Frequently Asked Questions

 The word “Pilates” has cachet and has become a buzzword in the fitness arena, yet “Pilates” is so very much more than the latest buzz or trend.

What is Pilates?

It is a non-impact system of exercises for life-long fitness and conditioning. Pilates is known for synergistically engaging the body from the “inside out”, from the smallest muscles deep within the central body and all the way out.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

 Reduce joint stress and tension; knees, lower back, upper back, shoulders.

 Improve neurologic development of new pathways staving off neurologic degeneration.

 Improve neuromuscular coordination and health.

 Improve mental focus.

 Strengthen core, abdominal and back muscles.

 Improve overall strength and flexibility.

 Improved dynamic coordination and balance.

 Improved posture.

 Improve breath control and respiratory function.

What are the benefits of working with a trained professional Pilates Teacher?

Athletes know that the benefits they realize while working with a professional teacher surpasses anything they could “do on their own”. Highly skilled Teachers have the training to make the differences you’re eager to enjoy and can tailor your sessions to your unique needs and goals

What is the difference between Mat Pilates and Equipment Pilates?

Both Mat and Equipment Pilates function as complimentary, and synergistic tools in the whole-body physical training of Pilates. An individuals’ own body weight is used as resistance in the strength building exercises of Mat Pilates. Springs and leverage are employed with Pilates equipment to coordinate the muscular, neurologic, and respiratory systems.

How is Pilates equipment different from gym equipment?

 Pilates equipment provide feedback to the student, teaching them how to make the movement from the deep core muscles, “from the inside out”. Where gym equipment makes the movement happen, mechanically, “from the outside in.”

Isn’t the Reformer the most important piece of Pilates equipment?

The Reformer is a wonderful piece of Pilates equipment however every piece of Pilates equipment is distinct and valuable. Just as a hammer is a tool to a carpenter it is merely one of several needed to successfully produce the intended result.